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18 effective ways to improve your body language

No specific advice on how to use body language. Nonverbal communication can be interpreted in several ways, depending on the setting and who you’re talking about.You probably want to use a different body language when talking to your boss when you talk about a girl or boy in whom you are interested. Here you can read some common interpretations of body language and the most effective techniques to communicate with your body. 

18 effective ways to improve your body language

First, to change your body language you must be aware of the existence of such a language.Notice how you feel, how you are, how you use your hands and legs and what you do while talking to someone. You might want to practice in front of a mirror. It may seem silly, but nobody will be watching. Doing this will give you good feedback on how others see you and give you the opportunity to practice a bit before going out. Another tip is to close your eyes and visualize how you would stand and sit to feel confident, open and relaxed . You have to see how you move in the improved version of yourself and then try it in real life. Also you can watch your friends, models, movie stars and others who think they have an excellent body language. Watch what they do and what they do. Copy your body language what you like from different people. Try to use what you can learn from them. Some of these tips may seem like you’re faking it. But to pretend is a useful way to learn something new. And remember, the feelings also work in reverse. If you smile a bit more you will feel happier. If you sit up straight you will feel more energized and notice the control. If you feel your movements ralentizas quieter. Actually, your feelings reinforce your new behaviors and your sense of strangeness will dissipate. At first it is easy to exaggerate your body language. It may be that you feel separate or ridiculously legs straight up all the time in a strained pose. That’s fine. People are not asking about what you think, you are not constantly evaluating, are more concerned with their own problems. You just have to practice a bit and control yourself to find yourself comfortable with your new skills. If you want to delve deeper into this topic you read what follows below on improving social skills and relationships between people. 

1. Do not cross your arms or legs 
you’ve probably heard that you should not cross your arms as it might make you seem defensive or vigilance. This also works for the legs. Keep your arms and legs in the open position. 

2. Keep eye contact, but do not overdo 
If you’re talking to a group of people, give them all some eye contact to create a better connection and see if they are listening. Keeping too much eye contact could backfire. If not bestow enough eye contact can make you seem insecure. When you’re not used to maintain eye contact can feel at first a bit of fear or seem difficult, but if you keep practicing to get used will achieve.

3. Do not be afraid to take your space 
Returning to the theme of space sitting or standing, to separate the signals trasmites legs a little confidence in yourself and you will feel more comfortable. 

4. Relax your shoulders 
When you feel tense it will almost certainly end up with tension in your shoulders. You can move slightly upward and forward. Try to relax by shaking the shoulders a bit and moving back slightly. 

5. Make gestures nod when others speak 
occasionally nods to indicate that you are listening. But do not overdo it and picotees like Woody Woodpecker. 

6. Do not lean back, sit up straight 
But sit down in a relaxed way, not in a way too tight. 

7. Lean, but not too much 
If you show that you’re interested in what someone is saying, lean toward the person talking. If you show that you have confidence in yourself and you’re laid back a little lie down. But do not lean too much because you look desperate for approval. And if you lean too far back might seem arrogant and distant. Do not overdo it in either case. 

8. Smile and laugh 
 smile Laughter indicate that the use does not take himself too seriously. Relax a bit, smile and laugh when someone says something funny. People will be more likely to listen to you if you seem to be a positive person. But do not be the first to laugh at your own jokes, it will make you seem nervous and needy of approval of others. Smile when you are introduced to someone, but not permanently keep the smile on your face, as it seems a disingenuous gesture.

9. Do not touch your face 
might make you seem nervous and would be distracting for the listeners or the people involved in a conversation. 

10. Keep your head up 
Do not look down, it makes you seem insecure and a bit lost. Keep your head up and eyes looking forward. 

11. Desacelérate 
This applies to many aspects of your life. Walking slower not only makes you seem more quiet and safe, but also make you feel less stressed. 

12. Relax 
Try to avoid, eliminate or transform fidgety and nervous tics movements such as moving a leg or fingers on the table quickly and compulsive. If you do, you appear nervous and restless and can be distracting when trying to communicate with someone. Try to relax, slow down and focus on your movements. 

13. Use your hands more confidently 
Instead of fiddling with your hands and scratching your face use them to communicate what you’re trying to say. Use your hands to describe something or to add weight to a point you are trying to convince the audience. But do not use too much or you can turn them into a source of distraction. And do not use your hands as a whip around, use them with some control.

14. Put down your cup 
Do not hold your drink in front of your chest. In fact, do not keep anything in front of your heart as it will make you seem on guard and distant. Lower the glass and hold it beside your leg. 

15. Concentrate where the spine ends 
Many people (including me until recently) might sit or stand up straight in correct posture.However, you might think that the spine ends where the neck begins, so turn your neck forward.Your spine ends in the back of your head, above the neck. Keep the entire spine straight and aligned for better posture. The trick is to imagine that you are pulling your hair gently from the top. 

16. Do not get too close to people 
People have their personal space , do not invade 

17. Mirror 
Very often, when you are with a person in good connection, unconsciously begin to reflejaros between the two. That means that you reflect the body language of the other person. To make a better connection you can try a bit of proactive mirroring. If the other person leans forward, you can do the same. If you put your hands on your thighs, imítale. But do not react immediately and reflejes not all changes in body language and you will cause surprise if this is too obvious. 

18. Keep a good attitude 
Finally, and not least, keep a positive, open and relaxed. The way you feel will be reflected in your body language making a big difference. can change your body language but as all new habits need time. For example, keep your head up might take some time to correct if you have been thousands of days looking at your feet. If you try to change to many things at once can get to confuse and overwhelm. takes a couple of these body language tips to work every day for three or four weeks. Then should have become new habits and something you do unconsciously.If not, keep practicing until you do. Then go back to take another couple of things that you like to change and work on them again. 


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