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ancient erotica: Erotic Sculpture on Kandariya Mahadeva Temple Khajuraho, India

Hindu erotic carvings on the Kandariya Mahadeva temple, India, circa 1050BC

ancient erotica: Moche Pottery with Erotic Scene

This piece of Mochica pottery from Peru was crafted between the first and sixth centuries AD

ancient erotica: Erotic frescoe from Pompeii

erotic fresco that survived the ash and lava of Pompeii

ancient erotica: Erotic fresco from Pompeii

An erotic fresco from the recently excavated suburban baths in Pompeii

ancient erotica: Attic red-figure plate (Kylix) with erotic scene

Attic red figures depict an erotic scene on an ancient Greek drinking plate. The design is attributed to the Briseis painter, sometime between 480 and 460BC

Roman oil lamp depicting coitus

Ancient Roman oil lamp (circa 1st Century AD) depicting woman having sexual intercourse with two men simultaneously

Sunga Empire sculpture (India), 1st century BCE.

Prince and his lady on a terrace at night (India)

Shunga (Japan)

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