By the year 1979, Mr. David W. Davenport (an India born English man) published a book named “Tomlinson devastation 2000BC” in Italy, in which he raised a provocative theory about the ruins of Mohenjo Daro. He doubted whether Mohenjo Daro; the city of Dravidian civilization was destroyed by an atomic bomb. Amazing isn’t it let us view David’s observations.


 Mohenjo Daro and Harappa were the well planned cities which had a supply net work with well developed sewage systems. While doing the excavation of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro the archeologists found a large number of skeletons, which displayed a shocking death scenario of the past. More particularly in Mohenjo Daro almost entire city population was died on the streets. The skeletons displayed that scenario. The parents tried to protect their children by cuddled them. Some people tried to protect their relatives by holding their hands. But no one was escaped. In the excavation site the scientists found the radioactive contamination was higher (50fach) than the normal circumstances. The street of Mohenjo Daro was full of black glass lumps. Black glass lumps shows that Mohenjo Daro was attacked by an enormous heat and due that heat everything was melt. The archeological discovery shows the bodies were not buried or not eaten and they were laying on the ground as such when the death fall on them. And the bone remains shows no violence by fire arms or by any blank.


 In the excavation site of Mohenjo Daro the scientists found some hot spots of radio activity which could be a targeted attack of a military activity. In Mohenjo Daro an accurate epicenter of explosion of 50 yards of diameter was found. At that place everything was crystallized and molten.

All that evidence shows two possibilities; Mohenjo-Daro was destroyed by the nuclear warfare or by a meteorite impacts. The meteorite impact was ruled out; why because no radioactive meteorite fragments was found at the site more over the radioactive pollution was not uniform (in the case of meteorite impact the pollution will be uniform). Hence Mohenjo Daro was destroyed by an atomic warfare.

The  Dravidian civilization was nullified by the Aryan sophisticated warfare technology.

Bathing Floor Mohenjodaro
This unique well and associated bathing platform was discovered in the course of building a catchment drain around the site. It was reconstructed on the ground floor of Mohenjo-daro site museum.

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  3. No, Mohenjo Daro was destroyed by a build up and release of explosive earth gases. The city is on the Indus, has a delta so large it abuts on the Triple Junction of 3 cracks in the Earth.
    The sun, Sol, is a magnetar rapidly losing energy since its birth by implosion from the Beetle Sun.
    Originally a monopole rapidly emitting energy from the equator, it has since decreased emission from the equator and increased emission from the poles, becoming a dipole star almost exclusively. The only monopole emission now occurs during the period we call a delayed magnetic reversal. Where even in the recent historical past the brief magnetic reversal would display huge energy releases from Earth’s core, creating large gas releases of methane, carbon di, etc resulting in massive fires of great heat, today in modern times, the solar energy absorbed by the Earth’s core and released upon reverting from monopole to dipole, is so reduced as to merely increase existing weather features, heat, tornadoes, lighting, etc.

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