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There have been two very large and mysterious cave complexes discovered in China in recent years, which are related in architectural and decorative style, nobody has any idea who built them, the best guesses aren’t even very educated…

The two systems are at Longyou, 24 chambers thus far discovered, and Huashan, 36 chambers thus far discovered, of which one is open to the public.

This is Longyou;

In June, 1992, a villager named Wu Anai, decided to pump the water out in one of the locally known caves revealing the first of many man-made caves in the region. After 17 days pumping, enough water had been removed to reveal the cave including several carved stelae, thus confirming his idea that they were not natural reservoirs at all, but rather man-made. The floor of the grotto occupies more than 2,000 square meters, with the tallest point of the cave exceeding 30 meters. The four steles of cave 1 are symmetrically distributed. Following this discovery, he continued to pump out another four caves only to find that they all bore the same markings on the walls and ceilings.

Longyou Caves

And this is Huashan;

One sees everywhere the quite distinctive concern with carved pattern;

There has been some suggestion that this might relate to similar markings found on local pottery from around 500 Bc, but really nobody has identified this style with any certainty.

Also named Mystical Grottos in Flower Hill, the Chinese name is Huashan Mi Ku, found by a farmer when he climbed up the Flower Hill (Huashan) to cut wood in 2000.

There are totally 36 grottos distributively found in the foot of the Flower Hill now, they extend about 5 kilometers along the hill. The grotto interiors show evidence of having been chiseled. As no debris has been found in or around them, archeologists and scientists have yet do discover when and how they were built. Who built and for what?

is particularly worth mentioning is that the Grotto No.35, which is the largest one of its kind that found in Huashan now, extolled as the Underground Palace and Cool Palace, 18 meters in highest point, 170 meters in length, with an area of 12,000 square meters. There are 26 stone pillars triangularly supporting its ceiling, inside the grotto, there are many stone rooms, stone beds, stone bridges, stone storied buildings, stone gutters, and stone pools

Huashan Mystical Grottoes.
Very surprising then that no historical accounts of these caves exist or that artifacts have not been found inside, as to who built them my best guess for what it’s worth would be a sect at the beginings of Taoism.

. The first reference to Huashan, which means “Flower Mountain”, comes from the Chou Dynasty, 3000 years ago. In fact, the Chinese character “hua” (flower) was invented to name this mountain, which has five peaks that unfold like petals of a flower. Taoists, attracted to this powerful Five Element feng shui, have been coming to Huashan to meditate for at least 2200 years, according to Han dynasty records.

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    Subterranean Palace for fear of a Comet
    (Zhejiang province, China, c.1200 BC)

    Dr. R.M. de Jonge ©,
    June, 2014

    The Longyou Caves are located in Shiyan Beicun on the Qiantang River. The 24 man-made Caverns have a total volume of at least half a million cubic meter. They may be considered as a monument for the worldwide Comet Catastrophe (or Flood) in the Sixth Dynasty of Egypt during the reign of the 1st king Teti. The Site shows the original world population was 4.8 million men, but 2.6 million perished (54%), and 2.2 million people survived. There was a precipitation of 9 meters of water during 2+2= 4 months. It ended all ancient civilizations on Earth. – However, in the first place the Caves were constructed as a subterranean palace for the King and the Royal Court for their necessary protection during the return of this Comet. The Longyou Caves were probably built when this happened, c.1200 BC.

    De Jonge, R.M., Website:

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