3 Naked Woman Create a Tiger Painting with Their Bodies   Leave a comment

Body paint: The volunteers form the endangered tiger's face in a process that took 24 hours (Picture: Caters) 
Body paint: The volunteers form the endangered tiger’s face in a process that took 24 hours (Picture: Caters)

Craig Tracy worked with three models for 24 hours to create this image of the endangered South China tiger.

He used a template drawn on his studio floor as a guide before he arranged the women and carefully applied paint designed for human skin. 

The 43-year-old, from New Orleans, has painted on 400 bodies.

He said: ‘All of my models are volunteers. I never use agencies or websites to find them. They find me.

‘Girlfriends that I have had, have had an understanding of what I do and the professional nature of how I paint and create. So I have never had any issues regarding jealousy – I simply wouldn’t tolerate it if they did.’

From humble beginnings as an airbrush artist in a local shopping mall at the tender age of 16 – Craig has gone on to set up the world’s first art gallery dedicated to body painting.

Painstaking: Craig Tracy 
Painstaking: Craig Tracy (Picture: Caters)

‘The rich and famous seem to enjoy my work in due proportion. I have sold some works to them for up to $1,200, but I could never say which ones,’ he said. 

‘But it isn’t just celebs who love my work, people from all walks of life love it.

‘I’ve never had a negative interaction regarding what I paint or how I paint it.’

The self confessed art nut believes this particular work is his most successful and important of his life.


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