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Putin Visits Youth Camp

As pro-Kremlin youth activists look on, Putin attempts to bend a pan during his visit to a summer camp run by the Nashi youth group at Lake Seliger in the central Tver region of Russia.

Putin Visits Youth Camp

Putin scales a climbing wall during his visit to the summer camp, located 248 miles north of Moscow.

Putin Visits Youth Camp

Putin, left, prepares to arm wrestle during his Nashi camp visit.

Putin Visits Youth Camp

The Prime Minister rides a horse in the foothills of Karatash, near the capital of the Khakassia region in Siberia.

Putin Snowmobiling

The Prime Minister snowmobiles in Krasnaya Polyana near the Black Sea resort of Sochi, southern Russia.

Vladimir Putin

The Prime Minister hooked at least one fish from this perch.

Vladimir Putin

Putin prides himself on staying in peak physical condition.

Vladimir Putin

In the Russian press, this photo drew comparisons to Nightingale the Robber, a popular Russian folk character who lives in a nest and has mystical powers.

Vladimir Putin

In addition to horseback riding, swimming and fishing, Putin’s brief vacation included a white-water-rafting trip and an overnight campout.

Vladimir Putin

The photographs were taken in the same region where Putin vacationed with Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2007. During that trip, he was photographed shooting a tiger with a tranquilizer dart.

Vladimir Putin

Putin’s choice of a rustic vacation resonated with many Russians, who tend to be suspicious and resentful of the moneyed élite.

Vladimir Putin

Earlier in the trip, the Prime Minister visited the Architecture and Ethnography Museum in Irkutsk, where he worked with a pair of blacksmiths.



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