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“There was nearly one security troop for every adult male Naga in the Naga Hills Tuensang Area, but there was never a time when it could be claimed that Naga guerrillas had been broken into submission. They have few odd varieties of arms, muzzle-loaders, for example. They suffered terrible privation and casualties but did not give in.”
All the killings and brutalities inflicted on the Nagas could not make them Indian. They could only slaughter the masses, rape the women and carry out scorch-earth policies, but failed to suppress their hearts. Out of desperation, one after another, special powers for the Indian army personnel were demanded to decisively deal with the Nagas. Consequently, the Indian parliament passed the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act 1958, in addition to the several previous Powers Acts, giving thereby the army personnel the full authority to crush the Nagas once and for all. By 1960 the Indian armed forces deployed in the Nagalim shot up to almost two hundred thousand. The best Indian Generals, with the best fighting units, equipped with extraordinary powers, dealt with the Nagas. Decades had gone by since the boastful Indian leaders, both political and military, made the false prediction that the Nagas would be crushed within a month. In fact quite the opposite happened. The strength of the Naga Army increased day by day and the resistance became stronger and stronger. Thousands of patriots undauntedly sacrificed their lives in defense of their beloved little country, Nagalim, leaving behind them the unconquerable pride to the generations to come. NAGALIM IS NOT FOR INVADERS.

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