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What Emotions Look Like
Lauri Nummenmaa, Enrico Glerean, Riitta Hari, and Jari Hietanen via Discover
Researchers created a map of human emotions by triggering feelings in volunteers–through certain words, images, etc.–and having them self-report those feelings by coloring in a human-shaped space. Here are the colors folks chose.
Vanishing Tree Trunk
Daniel Siering and Mario Shu via Colossal
Daniel Siering and Mario Shu made a piece of tree–still attached to the rest of the tree–“vanish” by wrapping it in plastic and camouflaging it with paint. Amazing. Although if I was driving on that road behind it I might freak out.
Their Bioluminescence Lets Us See Into Ourselves
Jim G. via Wikimedia Commons
The 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to three scientists who discovered the source of the crystal jelly’s bioluminescent glow, the aptly named green fluorescent protein (GFP), and harnessed its power to illuminate biological processes. GFP is now used as a glowing marker to illuminate previously-invisible protein movements in the body, allowing scientists to watch cells develop, move and interact.
X-Ray Couples
Ayako Kanda and Hayashi Mayuka via io9
With a real X-ray machine, artists Ayako Kanda and Hayashi Mayuka took these intimate, dark, and kind of hilarious images of couples.
They Get Vertigo, Too!
Fantagu via Wikimedia Commons
In the early ’90s, NASA sent a bunch of baby jellies into orbit to test how growing up in space would affect their development. Though they seemed to develop normally, when they returned to Earth, they couldn’t swim very well. Growing up in microgravity messed with their ability to move and pulse back on Earth. In short, they had eternal vertigo.
Humped Bladderwort Trap Entrance
Igor Siwanowicz
This carnivorous plant consumes microscopic organisms that get caught in its mouth.

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