47,000 Years Ago this kind of Artwork found in CHINA was being done.  Really look at the picture. It means since the beginning of man, and all  throughout  history,  we have drawings, paintings, in fact  many forms of artworks, all showing and telling of the same type of Beings  and Space Crafts from the Sky?

How were the ancient Indians from North and South America able to draw and paint Sky Beings who looked the same, large dark eyes and small mouths, as those drawn in major populated areas as well as remote areas of the world, starting with the Caveman? The only explanation is that they ALL encountered the Sky Beings. The Sky Beings had to have been here and are still coming, at least according to current reports.

It is well documented that as far back as the Caveman,  there are proofs of Beings from the sky.

6000 BC, the Sumerians, to our very present, tell us of Beings from the stars. Why is the world kept so ignorant of FACTS.

Facts, all pointing to Beings from somewhere from deep in space.

These Cave drawings found at Sego Canyon, Utah are believed to have been done some 5,500 years ago.  These ancient Americans must have had first hand knowledge of these Beings. Or how else could they come up with the drawings.  Drawings that are almost exactly the same as from other parts of the world?    Amazing. Maybe the Mormons DO KNOW more that the rest of us.



 aaaf9131612070f482a40decbd088f16Australia claimed to have the oldest human culture in the world. This based on the find in Kimberley, Australia.  But with the discovery of a new Cave, found in February 2012, in Spain, it is now considered to be the oldest known Cave Art   today and is believed to be over 42,000 years old based on carbon dating. Before this find, the caves in Australia were believed to be the oldest, over 40,000 years old.

In    France, we find art work that could be 35,000 years old. Some of the ancient art work is so advanced, its hard to believe it was done so long ago.   I find it weird that worldwide, the ancient Cave Artist drewHANDS,

Nearly 350 caves have now been discovered in France and Spain that contain drawings from prehistoric times. Cave paintings are painted on the walls, the floor and ceilings. How did the ancients reach the high cave ceilings to do such wonderful paintings?    The caves were deep and dark. And to think, none of them had lights.

A cave found in Italy dates the ancient art from 10,000 BC. Where did these kind of images come from? You would have to have seen something like it in order to paint it. Wouldn’t you?


South Africa   actually encounter these Beings from the skies? Look closely on the right, see the flying crafts?


Aboriginal ancient art

 6.000 BC from Tassili, Sahara Desert, North Africa 

How about this one, 6000 years ago this was painted in TassiliSaharaDesert.    Look at the FLYING craft up on far right. Think of this….6000 years ago people were seeing Aliens and Flying Crafts.



You have thousands of Buddha Caves with Aliens and UFO’s. So, did they also see something? If not, where did get the mental images to paint what they painted?



Cave Paintings found in India show what can only be called and ET’s.  

What would you call it? Oh, and is that a UFO above it?

 How about this more modern ancient picture.   


This is a paint of an 11th century French angel. Were the Greys called Angels back then?  

Why after thousands of thousands of years of looking at ancient cave paintings of Aliens and UFO’S, is it so hard to believe they are a reality? What is it that keeps the mind so closed as to the possibility of Aliens? If we exist, why could not others? Even the Vatican believes it is probable that there are today, BEINGS FROM THE SKY.

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  2. Yes! Also the work of American abstract expressionist artist Willem DeKooning CLEARLY shows unexplainable creatures that COULD be beings from … another.. wooooorrrrld.

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