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Loudest Animal

Blue whales’ low-frequency pulses can be heard over 500 miles way. At 188 decibels, these sounds are louder than a jet engine.  (Ishara S. Kodikara, AFP / Getty Images)




The giant squid is the world’s largest invertebrate, and the largest ever measured was 59 feet long. Giant squids also have the largest eyes of any animal, each one about the size of a human head.




Most Venomous Animal

The sea wasp jellyfish (pictured) has enough venom to kill 60 adult humans. 
Photo: Guido Gautsch/Flickr 
Longest Migration

Arctic terns migrate about 11,000 miles to the Antarctic each year…and then come all the way back! 
(Dan Kitwood, Getty Images)
World’s Most Extreme Animals

North African ostriches run up to 45 miles an hour, making them the fastest land bird. They are also the biggest, weighing up to 345 pounds.  (Patrick Hertzog, AFP / Getty Images)
Fastest Bird

Peregrine falcons dive toward their prey at over 200 mph. 



Fastest Fish

Sailfish can swim at speeds of up to 68 mph, although experts disagree as to just which species of sailfish is the fastest. 



Longest Lifespan

Three giant tortoises are estimated to have lived over 175 years, with one estimated at a whopping 255 years. 

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