The 2,700-year-old SHOPPING MALL Discovered Archealogy   Leave a comment

Archaeologists have unearthed the remarkably well-preserved ruins of an ancient shopping centre in northern Greece.
The 2,700-year-old portico was discovered in June on the site of the ancient city of Argilos following an archaeological excavation.
An expert told MailOnline that they had even managed to identify individual shops – with one having been confirmed as a bakery, another an olive oil shop and one is thought, but not yet confirmed, to be a chemist that once sold make-up and medicine.



Non-uniform design indicates that each owner designed and built his shop
Said nothing like this had ever been discovered and that they expect to find many more shops when they excavate the east side of the portico next year

So this mall “Stoa of Attalus” already 2.700 year, i think this the oldest and bigest store in the world when it build..

Archaeologists also unearthed this vessel called a 'krater' which was often used to mix water and wine

Archaeologists also unearthed this vessel called a 'krater' which was often used to mix water and wine

The Stoa of Attalos was built by King Attalos II of Pergamon who reigned between 159 and138 B.C.

He built it as a gift to the Athenians in appreciation of the time he spent in Athens studying under the philosopher Karneades.

The building was an elaborate ‘stoa’ or ‘portico’ – a large two-storeyed double colonnade with rows of shops behind the colonnades.

The building was made of local materials, marble for the facade and columns, and limestone for the walls.

It is 116 metres-long and originally housed 42 shop.

The Stoa became the major commercial building or shopping centre in the Agora and was used for centuries, from its construction in around 150 B.C. until its destruction at the hands of the Herulians in A.D. 267.


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