The alien planet of Bisti Wilderness, New Mexico [Photos]   Leave a comment

Jaymi Heimbuch Science / Natural Sciences


The things nature does to sand and rock. You may think this is an alien planet with bizarre stone houses for extraterrestrials, but no, this is New Mexico in all it’s mind-blowing glory. Bisti De-Na-Zin Wilderness in New Mexico is a landscape like no other. The elements have created unusual formations in this otherwise barren landscape, formations that are as bizarre as they are incredibly beautiful. If Dali ever needed extra inspiration, he would have found it here.

Larry Lamsa/CC BY 3.0

Ozyman/CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Larry Lamsa/CC BY 3.0

The BLM website states: “The 41,170-acre Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness is a remote desolate area of steeply eroded badlands which offers some of the most unusual scenery found in the Four Corners region. Time and natural elements have etched a fantasy world of strange rock formations and fossils. It is an ever-changing environment that offers the visitor a remote wilderness experience. Translated from the Navajo language, Bisti means “a large area of shale hills” and is commonly pronounced (Bis-tie). De-Na-Zin (Deh-nah-zin) takes its name from the Navajo words for “cranes.” Petroglyphs of cranes have been found south of the wilderness area.”

BLM New Mexico/Public Domain

Larry Lamsa/CC BY 3.0

Larry Lamsa/CC BY 3.0

BLM New Mexico/Public Domain

BLM/Public Domain

BLM/Public Domain


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