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The longest woman’s beard.

The “bearded lady” Janice Daveri from Kentucky, USA had the longest beard ever sine 1884 and it was 36 cm long. 

Take a look you will understand what it is like being a woman with the beard.



The smallest waist

The smallest waist belongs to Ethel Grainger from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. In 1939 her waist was 33 cm only. And this is the photo of Cathie Jung with the 38 cm waist.



The longest neck

Women of Myanmar (Burma) from the Padaung tribe put rings on their necks to lengthen them. The registered record for the longest neck is 40 cm.




The longest fingernails

Measuring 5 fingernails on the left hand of Shridhar Chillal from India at the end of March 1997 showed that the total length of nails comes to 6.12 m.

That’s the photo of Shridhar Chillal and Lee Redmond (who had a car crash in February 2009 and had to cut her nails).



The largest number of children

The largest number of children born by a single mother ever is 69. The record belongs to the wife of the Russian peasant Feodor Vasilyev who gave birth 27 times between 1725 and 1765 (16 twines, 7 trines and 4 times 4 children). Only 2 children died in infancy. The photos below are not of their family since they lived long time ago.



The thinnest person

Lucia Zarate (1863 – 89) from Mexico in her 17 years was the exhausted lilliputian who weighted 2.13 kg being 67 cm high.



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