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Legend of the Holy Spear traces the legend of a spear thought to have been thrust into Jesus Christ by a Roman guard when he was crucified. The spear, a Christian holy relic, has been shrouded in mystery, myth, and legend for 2,000 years. Today, three spears claim to be the Holy Spear which pierced Jesus.

National Geographic’s Legend of the Holy Spear followed two investigators attempting to discover if any of them could have been present at the crucifixion. The three spears are kept in the Vatican, Austria and Armenia. Scrutinizing each spear and closely analysing the stories and legends behind them, the film reveals astonishing clues as to their provenance.

One of the spears is in Holy Etchmiadzin and the documentary traces the adoption of Christianity in Armenia as it tells the dramatic story of how the spear arrived in Armenia.


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