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Ghost Town PerseidCredit: David Downs



Perseid Meteor Over Lake MeadCredit: Tyler Leavitt



Meteors Over Northern California                           Credit: Cory Poole



Perseid Meteors Over Orcas Island, WACredit: Cody Limber


Perseid Fireball Over McDonald Observatory, TXCredit: Sergio Garcia Rill


Perseid Meteors Falling Over Holy Island, Northumberland, UKCredit: Peter Greig


‘Nature’s Fireworks’ by Christopher M. GeorgiaCredit: Christopher M. Georgia


Perseid Meteors Over Lime Lake, MICredit: Guy Strong


Perseid Meteor Over PennsylvaniaCredit: Ryan Taylor


Perseid Meteors Over Payson, ArizonaCredit: Eric Bender


Perseid Meteor and Palm Tree in St. Thomas, US Virgin IslandsCredit: Matthew Nicholson



Perseid Meteor Over Maine Church

Credit: Vacationer Steven Coates caught a Perseid meteor over the Washburn-Norlands Historical Center in Livermore, Maine,


Perseid Meteors Over Washoe Valley, NVCredit: William Berry


Perseid Meteor Shower 2013: Jonathan S. McElveryCredit: Jonathan S. McElvery










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