15 Spooky Yet Beautifully Animated GIFs That Explore the Duality of Life   Leave a comment

mirror hole

Have you ever wondered about the duality often times presented to us in life? Like can there be life, without death? Or how in order to learn, you have to first be ignorant. The collection of art here today also has a unique quality of being both mysterious yet beautiful, combining vintage photographs from the past with new twists and turns sure to make you think twice. In the example just below, are you looking at a woman peacefully gazing out the back of a window at a passing tunnel reflecting before her eyes? Or is there something more implcit at work suggesting her to be close-minded or seeing the world through tunnel vision? These types of questions and unnerving dualities often play into many of Bill Domonkos’ work.

The Hungarian-born visual artist and experimental filmaker, now based out of San Francisco, has a knack for combining 2D and 3D animation, special effects, old school photography, and manipulated archive film footage into his GIF artwork, which frequently employs images used under a Creative Commons license.

From a literal smoking man, to a person staring at a mirror reflecting back a puzzle, the imagery here will push your thoughts to the outer limit.


fireworks pipetunnel visionsmoking manhover rocksRubix cubeostrich in a cubeamelia earhartmirrors and robotsspinningswinging pendelumcity life

door to door

By Daniel Zeevi


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