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Humanity’s oldest question of whether man is alone in the universe, has been a topic that dates back as far as recorded history. Many people have pondered the question & some have taken it a full step further, investigating our solar system, galaxy & universe as a whole. Then SETI was formed by famed astronomer Carl Sagan. Billions of dollars have been spent scanning the skies looking for the ‘answer’ by listening for radio waves. Many people have even concluded that this is a waste of time & money since we don’t even know if other worldly creatures would even use the same radio telescopes as we do. Nonetheless, over 40 years later, SETI has gotten humanity no where while at the same time, 1 man has answered the question that billions have asked. Dr Roger Leir is a doctor of podiatric medicine that stumbled onto this phenomenon on accident. During one routine surgery to remove something supposedly placed into someone’s foot spawned into a whole new era of science. Dr. Leir alone has been able to finally answer the question through true scientific analysis via these implants. The top laboratories in the world have all concluded the same thing: that these 16 objects removed from various people do NOT originate on earth & have technologies that we can only dream of. Tune in now to watch this amazing story of how this one doctor’s quest for truth has led him to uncover humanity’s biggest discovery: that we are truly not alone. This IS the definitive proof that skeptics have been asking for & the proverbial “smoking gun” is now shown in this feature length film. Enjoy & spread the word; Dr. Leir invites the world to argue with the academics & data obtained from devices that are truly extraterrestrial.

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