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The Heavenly Heights Of Venezuela’s Angel Falls

Dragon Falls Venezuela

Even nature can’t avoid politics. In recent years, Venezuelan leaders have sparred over changing the name of the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall from Angel Falls (named after the man who flew over them first) to what the indigenous people call it, “Kerepakupai Vená” (waterfall of the deepest place). Either way you slice it, though, the sights are simply divine.


Glastonbury Festival From Above

Glastonbury Festival

Had Led Zeppelin not performed at a 1970 outdoor festival in Bath, one of the world’s largest music festivals may never have existed. Inspired by the performance, farmer and Glastonbury Festival organizer Michael Eavis decided to host the first Glastonbury–then known as the Pilton Festival. Embodying hippie ethics, the festival has steadily grown into a world-renown music gala attended by over 175,000 people each year.


The Frozen Waterfalls Of Norrköping, Sweden

Frozen Waterfall Norrköping Sweden

Known as Sweden’s “Manchester” for its impressive textile industry, Norrköping is bisected by the Motala ström river, which freezes over during the winter and grants stunning sights like the one above.


The Beautiful Bora Bora

Bora Bora

While the name Bora Bora certainly sounds exotic, it’s actually the product of misunderstanding on behalf of the island’s Western explorers. As the Tahitian language does not recognize the “b” sound, the bountiful island’s original name was more likely Pora Pora, however upon its 18th century discovery by the West, it was “Bora Bora” that stuck.


Amsterdam From Above

Aerial View Of Amsterdam

Besides forming an aesthetically appealing design, Amsterdam’s canals served a more functional purpose as they provided an apt means of defense, transportation and water development. Crafted at the height of immigration in the 17th century, city planners developed a canal-based organizational system comprising four concentric half-circles, three of which were used solely for residential development. Unfortunately, the original plans have been lost so historians are left to speculate the original drafters’ intentions.


The Luscious Expanse Of Bath, England

Bath England

While oral tradition suggests Bath to be much older, the present-day resort town was “first” discovered by the Romans around 60 AD under the name Aquae Sulis. The area’s spa heritage continued on for several centuries and by 1987, it was deemed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Madagascar’s Mystical Baobab Trees

Baobab Trees Madagascar

If you’re looking for some of the most bizarre trees the world has to offer, head to Madagascar where you can find six of the eight species of Baobab tree. Resembling something that you might find on Mars, the Baobab ranges in height from 15 to 98 feet tall and can have a circumference as wide as 154 feet. Some claim that the largest of these trees are thousands of years old; that, of course, is hard to prove traditionally since the wood of these trees doesn’t produce growth rings.


Glass Beach’s Bejeweled Shores

Glass Beach Looking Out

Beaches usually conjure up images of roiling waves, vast expanses of sand, and an occasional seagull squawking as it combs the shoreline. Yet traipse over to Glass Beach, one of three beaches in Fort Bragg, California, and that image changes. Here, colorful beds of sea glass blanket the ground, its small, smooth “pebbles” bright as gemstones.

Glass Beach Underwater

Glass Beach Glass


Animal Albinism: A World Of White

Animal Albinism  Peacock

In our colorful world, sometimes the absence of color can be even more striking and eye-catching. Affected by a disorder called albinism, these white animals provide a stark contrast from the colorful habitats in which they live. Yet understanding the difference between true albinos and white animal variations is often difficult. Usually, it’s all in the eyes.

Animal Albinism Green Sea Turtle



Ecuador’s “Throat Of Fire”

Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano

Located in the Cordillera Oriental of Ecuador, the Tungurahua Volcano gets its name from the combination of the Quichua tunguri (throat) and rahua (fire) meaning “Throat of Fire”.


Popcatépetl, Mexico’s Majestic Volcano

Mexican Volcano Majestic

Located just southeast of Mexico City, Popocatépetl volcano is over 17,000 feet tall and does a great job making humans feel incredibly small.


Zion National Park’s Staggering Big Bend Photograph

Zion Park Big Bend Photograph

Located near Springdale, Utah, Zion National Park is full of southwestern splendor and trails with the above photograph taken in the park area known as Big Bend.


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