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Photograph: Finn Hopson

A tractor on a field in the South Downs near Brighton prepares for a late winter sowing’


Photograph: Robbie Robinson

‘An early-morning climb to the Taishiden shrine above Tomonoura, Japan, greeted me with the shimmering Seto Inland Sea and the distant islands’


Photograph: Bill Cameron

‘The black clouds over Vancouver seem to emphasise the city’s impressive skyline’


Photograph: Koen Davidse

‘This is New York at dawn this January. The air was incredibly clear’


Photograph: Ralph Jones

Tall building pierce the early morning mist in Dubai’


Photograph: Steve Weaver

‘A glorious late afternoon in Costa Rica, the skyline was suddenly filled with these roosting birds flying through the fading light’


Photograph: Jessica Smith

From the hillside we could see the showers sweeping in across the loch – the alternating rain and sunlight are so typical of this time of year’


Photograph: Roxie Lee Owen

‘I thought it would be good to reflect the flower in the glass’


Photograph: Deepa Jahagirdar

‘A man works his boat along the river on a very foggy January morning in Chitwan National Park, Nepal’


Photograph: Finn Hopson

‘Early morning mist flowing down a valley on the South Downs near Brighton’


 Photograph: Eric McFarland

‘Vine terraces, the road and the Douro River all flow side by side in Portugal’




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