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Free art from the rainbow spectrum: the color noise of the animals is not a freak of nature, but tough struggle for survival. Your colors will help fish, birds or lizards in the constant struggle for survival.

They shine and shimmer, which give skin, feathers and fur. The colors of several animal species is fascinating. Especially birds, butterflies and the inhabitants of coral reefs contribute their makeup on thick. Mostly as a message to friend or foe: Go away, I’m poisonous! Go away, this is my territory! Oh, sweetheart, look my beautiful spring dress!

The colorful robe disguise, cautions or lures. The colors are created by embedded pigments that absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect others. In addition, there are structural colors, depending on the texture of a surface. Thus, the wings of a butterfly appear scaly under the microscope, peacock feathers resemble fins. In such structures, light waves are split and overlap – shimmering wings.

1 The Pyjama Slug

Camouflage Pyjama Slug

The Pyjama Slug does not need housing for their protection. I’m inedible!This warning announce their strict stripes in white, black and orange of the fish world in the Red Sea. In fact, the aquatic animal stores the stomach poisons of fire sponges.

2 The Rainbow Lorikeet

Camouflage Allfarbloris

The bird life often intervenes in the paint pot, because beautiful feathers are well received in the marriage market. In the blue-yellow-red-green Allfarbloris the clown colorful cleaning is good also for protection. The nectar eaters from Indonesia and Australia appear from afar like exotic flowers.

3 The mandarin fish

Camouflage mandarin fish

Wavy lines in turquoise, yellow dots, blue fin: The mandarin fish is barely longer than a matchstick, but as a piece of jewelry Indo-Pacific reefs and lagoons. Predators disdain the pretty boy because he is covered with a layer of mucus.

4 The Rotschenklige Douc

Camouflage Rotschenkliger Douc

Red stockings, black pants, gray shirt, white Zutzelbart: In Vietnam Rotschenklige Douc is called with the pretty almond eyes and five-color langur. The primacy is one of the most colorful mammals.

5 The South American poison dart frog

Camouflage South American poison dart frog

The bluest body of South American poison dart frog’s screams enemies formally: Attention, poison! The message is not a bluff. The frog eats ants, contain toxic alkaloids, against which he is immune.

6 The Panther Chameleon

Malagasy panther chameleon camouflage

The Malagasy panther chameleon and his cousins ​​are masters of color change, with bale the pigments abruptly in the color of their skin cells or spread. Particularly intense is the color game with great emotions such as aggression or lust.

7 The comet moth

Comet moth camouflage

A beauty elegant than many butterflies: The sunny yellow comet moth measures up to 20 inches and flutters just five days in the night sky from Madagascar – volatile and impressively like a shooting star.

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