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The Seven Sisters is a four-part documentary series about the story of how seven big oil companies planned to dominate the production, refinement, distribution and supply of crude oil across the planet.

The plan to dominate the worlds oil began on August 28, 1928, in the Scottish Highlands where three men had an appointment at Achnacarry Castle, a Dutchman, an American and an Englishman.

The Dutchman was Henry Deterding, a man nicknamed the Napoleon of Oil, having exploited a find in Sumatra. He joined forces with a rich ship owner and painted Shell salesman and together the two men founded Royal Dutch Shell.

The American was Walter C. Teagle and he represents the Standard Oil Company, founded by John D. Rockefeller at the age of 31, the future Exxon. Oil wells, transport, refining and distribution of oil, everything is controlled by Standard oil.

The Englishman, Sir John Cadman, was the director of the Anglo-Persian oil Company, soon to become British Petroleum (BP). On the initiative of a young Winston Churchill, the British government had taken a stake in BP and the Royal Navy switched its fuel from coal to oil. With fuel-hungry ships, planes and tanks, oil became “the blood of every battle”.

With a booming auto-mobile industry, and the Ford car selling by the millions. The world was quickly becoming thirsty for oil, and big companies were waging a merciless contest but the competition was making the oil market unstable.

The oil industry would change forever at their meeting in August, 1928, when the three men decided to stop fighting and to start sharing out the world’s oil. And so began a great cartel – production zones, transport costs, sales prices, everything would be agreed and shared. Their vision, dominate and control the worlds oil.

Soon, four others would join the cartel, and they came to be known as the Seven Sisters. Esso, Gulf, Texaco, Chevron, Mobil, Shell and BP – the biggest oil companies in the world.

Episode 1 – Desert Storms
The first film in the series takes us to the Middle East, through both time and space. Throughout the region’s modern history, since the discovery of oil, the Seven Sisters have sought to control the balance of power.

They have supported monarchies in Saudi Arabia and Iran, opposed the creation of OPEC, profiting from the Iran-Iraq war, leading to war in Iraq.

Episode 2 – The Black El Dorado
At the end of the 1960s, the Seven Sisters controlled 85% of the planets oil reserves. Today, they control just 10%.

Seeking new oil turned the Sisters towards Africa. With peak oil, wars in the Middle East, and the rise in crude prices, Africa is the oil companies new battleground.

Episode 3: The Dancing Bear
In the Caucasus, the US and Russia are vying for control of the region. The great oil game is in full swing. Whoever controls the Caucasus and its roads, controls the transport of oil from the Caspian Sea.

Episode 4: A Time for Lies
The final film in this series explores what happens when oil becomes more and more inaccessible, while at the same time, new powers like China and India try to fulfill their growing energy needs.

And countries like Iran, while suffering international sanctions, have welcomed these new oil buyers, who put business ahead of lectures on human rights and nuclear ambitions.


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