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On the Chinese tropical island of Hainan, people have one of the highest life expectancies in the world: more than 200 of the 560,000 inhabitants of Chengmai are over 100 years old. At least three are even over 110 years old – of which there are fewer than 400 people worldwide.


About a century with lots of fruits and physical labor

More than 200 residents of the Chinese island of Hainan have lived longer than 100 years. Reasons for this are much fruit, physical work and an active social network.

A given of the Communist Party in Chengmai commissioned study identifies the following reasons for the phenomenon: “Hardworking, simple and generous, mainly vegetarian diet, proper food, sleep early and wake up early.”

The U.S. Age researcher Jennifer Holdaway writes mainly the agricultural character of the island, the high age of many of its inhabitants: “There is not much industry, the climate is good, they have plenty of exercise and the diet is healthy, they have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and the soil is rich in trace element selenium. “

Chengmai consists of a number of villages with orange groves. Many locals live in unheated homes of a few dollars a day, the elderly suffered through wars and famines.

Li Aizhu is one of them: According card she was born in 1900, eleven years before the fall of the last Chinese emperor. Daily hobbles the white-haired man of her tiny bedroom to watch the ducks on her family’s farm.Government officials brought her a metal plaque that identifies them as “long-lasting fame.” Now it gets converted 63 euros monthly pension and free medical care.

“I have never done sports, apart from hard work in the fields,” says the 86-year-old Wang Kailu who lives in a simple hut with his wife Wu Aihe. The couple married claims to be the day after the surrender of Japan in World War II 68 years ago. Your one-story dwelling is barely furnished, for his small vegetable garden brings Wang water from a well.

Xu Yuhe, as reported 104 years old, is also Getreideschnäpschen their daily survival. “I drink alcohol every night, just a bit, warms,” ​​smiles She Sheng, a 80-year-old reportedly 31 children and grandchildren.

Also an active social life is a key to longevity, as experts stress. The teahouse in Chengmai every morning full of old playing cards, chatting and listening to opera recordings from rattling speakers. “I come here every morning to make sport to watch opera and drink tea,” said Sheng, before they do on a yellow painted linkage gymnastics.

The researchers emphasize longevity is rare in rich areas. “If you live in a climate like this, they do not need much in order to feel comfortable,” said U.S. researcher Holdaway age. “A simple dwelling, a mosquito net, a couple of rattan chairs and other people with whom you can depend.”


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