Mexico: 6000 years old rock engravings of a stone-age culture   Leave a comment


Mexico City – As early as 6,000 years ago, leaving nomads in northern Mexico numerous engravings in stone. This prehistoric location in the desert in the state of Coahuila Narigua will now be accessible to visitors, the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History announced (INAH). The area includes several points distributed around 500 rocks with over 8,000 illustrations.

Archaeologists have begun in recent years trying to develop the scientific establishment. The prehistoric rock paintings with motifs of lines, circles, and also isolated animals probably arose in connection with the storage spaces of living nomadic hunters and gatherers.
The grounds also have fireplaces, discovered remnants of carvings and arrowheads. The findings indicate that the creators of the engravings were already practiced in the production and use of tools.
But not all characters are several thousand years old. Thus came engravings with crosses as the characteristic motif probably from the time of first contact with European invaders in the 16th Century, said the research-area archaeologist Gerardo Rivas.

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