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  • Poor sleep during a full moon could be confirmed in the laboratory.
    Poor sleep during a full moon could be confirmed in the laboratory.

Researchers found in data from experiments Sleep Slip – The possible reason for this behavior will sooner lunar cycles have synchronize

 Many people complain that on full moon nights they sleep poorly. Scientists at the University of Basel confirmed with data from experiments sleep a connection between the lunar cycle and the sleep – and also provide a possible explanation.

The researchers led by Christian Cajochen by the Centre for Chronobiology the University Psychiatric Hospital Basel had the idea to their study, supposedly for a beer in a bar – and a full moon night: They decided to re-evaluate the data in a completed se study with 33 volunteers – namely the possible influence of the moon phases.

The Nachanalysen actually gave pretty clear results: in full moon nights, the volunteers needed in an average of five minutes longer to fall asleep. They also had less sleep per night total of 20 minutes and the quality of their sleep and poor self-assessed.

Relic of our past

Medical data supported the results: the brain activity of the test sleepers pointed out that the length of deep sleep decreased during full moon nights, the researchers write in the journal “Current Biology”. In addition, on those nights decreased the concentration of melatonin – which is the hormone that is involved in the control of sleep and wakefulness. The researchers are hoping to have provided the first reliable evidence that the lunar rhythm of the sleep structure of people affected – and they also suggest that other aspects of our behavior but also our mood may be affected.

These relationships are expected, according Cajochen be a relic of our past: he believed that the moon phases have previously synchronized among other things our reproductive behavior – as in some species is still the case.


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