Father and son discovered 40 years after the Vietnam War in the forest   Leave a comment

Men are hardly able to communicate,

Ho Chi Minh City – After 40 years in the wild in Vietnam, a father and his son, according to the authorities have been discovered in the woods. The 82-year-old and his 40 year old son were barely able to communicate, said a spokesman authorities in Quang Ngai Province in central Vietnam on Thursday. The father could make something understandable in the language of the minority Cor, the son speak only a few words.

The 82-year-old Ho Van Thanh receive medical treatment. (Photo: EPA)

Ho Van Thanh was with his son Ho Van Lang fled during the Vietnam War in 1973 in the woods after a landmine destroyed his house and his wife and two children ripped to death, reported the newspaper “Dan Tri”. The two had lived on wild fruits and hunting. The younger man was clothed in newspaper photos with matted hair and a loincloth made of bark to see.

The 40-year-old son, Ho Van Long, immediately after his return from the forest. (Photo: DPA)

Farmer discovered the two after they were hit more than 40 kilometers deep in the forest firewood. They alerted the authorities, who brought the two into civilization on Wednesday. (APA, 08/08/2013)


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