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A Kickstarter project, Slingatron, that combines a slingshot capable of hurling objects into orbit and a space-bound railroad just might actually send you to space one day. 

Just launched on Kickstarter is a project to create a prototype Slingatron. If successful, the small-size Slingatron will be able to launch a one pound payload at 2237 MPH. That’s one heck of a slingshot, and it definitely blows the fastest railroad in existence right out of the water.

An artist’s concept for a full scale Slingatron space launcher about 200-300 meters in diameter.

Of course, a one pound payload is not a cargo capsule. To create a full-scale Slingatron would cost a whole lot more than the project’s funding goal of $250,000. A full-scale Slingatron, capable of low-earth orbit launches would have to accelerate its payload to at least 4.7 miles per second, or nearly 17,000 miles per hour.

At 17,000 miles per hour, objects launched from the Slingatron could do a lot more than just reach orbit. Its creators imagine their contraption could aid in everything from planetary defense to orbital debris cleanup.

Artist’s concept for a smaller Slingatron space launcher for payloads that can handle higher accelerations.

It might sound impossible to get an object up to such crazy speeds, but the creators of the Slingatron are pretty sure that it’ll work. If they’re successful, the slingshot/railroad will be able to consistently loose objects into orbit at roughly 1/100th the cost of a traditional rocket.


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