People changing their fortunes through palm surgery   1 comment

Palm changed through surgery  
By: Shifra Unger 

Some people spend a lot of money for palm readers in order to know it they will have good luck in the future.
But what happens if the palm reader has bad news about one’s future?
Well, if you do not like what your palm reader is saying about your future maybe all you need is a new palm. 
Dr. Takaaki Matsuoka, a Japanese doctor, is now performing palmistry plastic surgery, where an electric scalpel is used to change the lines of the palm of a person. The idea is that if the money line or the love line of a person’s palm extends, they allegedly have better luck in those areas.
“If you do not have the marriage line, which means that you are not very likely to marry, then the doctor’s job is to create a line of marriage,” Masuoka said. “Sometimes the marriage line is on her palm, but it came too soon and the woman lost her chance. We add another line.,” the doctor added.

The operation costs about $1,100 and takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. It takes about one month for the wound on the palm to heal. Masuoka takes a practical approach and says it’s important that the line is not too perfect.

The doctor has to use the electric scalpel and make an incision that is not straight. This is done on purpose because the palm lines are never completely straight. If you try to create a line on the palm with a laser, it will not leave a clear mark, making it hard for the palm reader to see.

One woman, who had an altered wedding line, allegedly married soon after, while two other people supposedly won the lottery after they had palm surgery.
Dr. Barry Handler, a cosmetic surgeon in San Diego, California said that surgery is not worth the potential damage to tendons, nerves or arteries.


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  1. hahaha what. it’d be cheaper to be into tarot and just draw some extra positive signs on the cards, wouldn’t it?


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