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Woman create Fiat 500  

By: Eva Fett 

In a unique and creative advertisement, a car company used a group of women, who curled up next to each other to look like a high-end car.

The advertisement campaign for the Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio, used more than a dozen “female artists” wearing only body paint to look like the car. 

Every woman was painted to look like one part of the car. One woman’s back was used for the headlights, while several other women’s faces were painted for wheels. Another woman’s face was painted in the shape of a side mirror. The result is certainly striking.

The advertisement was done as part of a campaign for ESPN’s The Magazine’s Body Issue. The advertisement, which boasts that the vehicle is “made of pure muscle,” was shot with the help of photographer RJ Muna and body paint artist Craig Tracy. 

The idea of the advertisement came from the Richards Group, of Dallas, Texas. With today’s advances in digital photography, the unsuspecting reader is likely to assume the piece was done with Photoshop.

However, in a behind the scene video posted online, the company shows that contortionists, circus performers and artists actually coming together to make their dream a reality.

“We did not consider doing this with Photoshop,” Muna said. “Why not get all the dancers and the best body painters in the country?” He added. 


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