Deep trance mediumship of Mark Probert
From Clips, Quotes, and Comments, “H”-4, April 1, 1958

Let us for instance examine the work of the good Reverend Franklin Loehr in his search to find out if prayer can make a plant grow. Let us discover that prayer CAN make plants grow and curses can kill them, as we shall surely discover, let us not stand around with our silly mouths dangling on our chests in awe, but let u s ask ourselves the next logical question, to wit, “How? – What is the mechanics of CONSCIOUSLY directed prayer and CONSCIOUSLY directed curses that gives them the power to sustain or drive out the life force that animates material substance,” Then let us ask ourselves if we who honestly want the truth of these things have the time to stand around making such zombie-like statements that the use of prayer to make plants grow is “asking God to do tricks” and saying “Let’s keep science for ‘physical reality” I am sure we will discover it is a great deal later than we thin.

Now comes the question: HOW does prayer make a plant grow?

In order to understand the answer to this question I believe it will be first necessary to change our thinking in regard to what we have been taught in our school books, concerning the nature of matter, and next we will have to completely revise the opinions given us in our religious teaching, that that which is cat led “Spirit” is some form of unknowable and effervescent nothingness and that we will come to know it all in some distant tomorrow in some never-never land.

NOW is the only time to learn about anything.

The nature of physical substance: I think that right here is where the lay person must be made to realize that the NAME of a thing is NOT the thing itself but simply a tag or label placed upon certain liven lines of motion se that they will not be confused with certain other lines of motion, and is but a method of cataloging what is called “sense data”. As an example of this let us take the seed of any plant and these are the qualities we will give to it: roundness, softness, hardness, smoothness, roughness, thinness, fatness, largeness, coldness, warmness, etc…, then redness, brownness…However, none of these are properties of the seed in question but are entirely properties of the individual’s senses. Now let us reduce this seed to its minute building blocks called cells. In the past these little bodies were beyond the reaches of the physical senses but there is now an electronic “eye” that is capable of seeing them and bringing them within range of the human eye. Not only can the surface action of the cell be observed but its interior as well, and it is shown that a cell contains within its walls other cellular bodies darting about and pulsating in a liquid substance. Now then, could we extend out vision still farther or deeper into this minute world called cellular and sub-cellular, we would eventually come to what is called the world of “atomic” structure. In the not too distant past it was believed that atoms contained within themselves the properties called roundness and hardness and that they were the indivisible. Today we know better – that is to say we know that an atom is neither round nor hard and by no means indivisible. Indeed we know it to be no more than an energy field. However, the question arises as to what is the nature of the surrounding spaces that an energy field is presumably operating in. We will find that the answer to that is – “It is not working in a media different than itself, for that which is thought of as “space is not a vacuous condition but is itself energy. If this is true then I am sure we can understand when it is said that the human body as well as all the untold billions of bodies in the vast starry realms was created out of this space-substance. The human mechanism may well be thought of as a sensitive point of energy that is capable of registering a given number of vibrations in what is called light and sound and heat and cold. That these latter three are not different things but are one and the same thing and simply being recorded by a variety of organisms in a variety of ways.

All forms, or what are called “things” have a field. The observable is but a an extension of that which is called the “unobservable”, and the former is classified as “sense” data, while the latter is the matrix out of which the “form” has come and in which it has its existence. This matrix or continuum of form is sometimes referred to as the “auric” light and can be seen with the use of a specially treated piece of glass called the “Kilner Screen” and many people are capable of seeing it with the naked eye under certain conditions. Now let us take the seed of a plant, any plant. Setting this seed before us we begin to see it as something more than mere “sense” data which in the past led us to the erroneous belief that that which we observe is the thing-in-itself. We know now that this seed we are gazing upon is made up of minute bodies called cells and that each of these so-called cells is made up of more minute bodies called molecular bodies and that molecules in turn are but the grouping of still smaller forms called atoms and that atoms consist of much smaller units called electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.. and while modern science refers to the latter as simply “units of energy” it is known that that which is called energy consists of sub-atomic particles. Now, as much as the lay individual, as well as some scientific minds, may like to talk about either matter or energy as being particulate, the fact is there is no such condition as a particle of matter. I have used the word myself, but only as a means to express some very abstract ideas in concrete form. That which is mathematically considered as a particle is for the sake of convenience called a stress or strain of that which is called space, and space is an extended field of awareness of all forms. It is this field that Hindu psychology calls the Center of Creation and the awakened Christian mystic refers to as God. The word God means “good” and the word good means balance. It is in this field that with the force of consciously directed thought the energies of the brain can come in rapport with the extended field of a plant seed and stimulate the seed into greater activity called growth.

Now let us consciously direct a prayer for someone suffering a disease of the body and we will find that practically the same conditions take place with the human body as takes place with the plant body. By that I mean the human body like the plant body is cellular and is therefore open to cellular breakdown, and when the cells of an organism breaks down or dies faster than the body can replace them one has a disease of some kind. This is as true of a plant as it is of a human. However, while the difference of a plant and of the human are quite vast, these differences lie more in the abstract or extended world that in the concrete or world of appearances. The human being is a self-governing unit and can not only reason from cause to effect but can act upon such thoughts. This ability not only sets him apart from all of the rest of creation, it makes him at least potentially Master and Creator of what is commonly called existence. (This latter statement will be rejected by the masses in general and so-called Christians in particular, for it burdens them with responsibilities that are far beyond their ability to handle). But because individuals singly as well as collectively have been mentally conditioned -to believe just the opposite to this they have become open to all manner of ailments and general misfortunes and their sufferings are greatly enlarged upon by the simple but tragic fact that they know not the source of them. He is to be like end unto the man who, while standing in a room containing several other people is placed under a deep hypnotic spell and given post-suggestion that when he awakens there will be no one in the room but himself, and taking this suggestion is quite unaware that the room still contains the same number of people as it did before he was hypnotized, and that now some of these people have needles and other sharp instruments in their hands and others have feathers.

Every so often one of those with the sharp instruments sticks him or cuts him and just as he howls in pain some one tickles him with a feather which brings him a great deal of pleasure causing him to howl with laughter.

This hypnotized person knows that he is alternately experiencing pain and pleasure but he is unaware of the origin of either. This rather deplorable situation has led him to all manner of mental and physical gymnastics in his efforts to escape pain. By and large however, the majority of such gymnastics that he puts himself through become a vicious circle that leads him right back into the face of that which he was madly and blindly seeking to escape, for they are predicated upon the theory that “by drowning himself in sensual pleasure pain cannot touch him.” What he fails to see is that pain and pleasure are simply two sides of the same coin and are the basic properties of life, so they cannot be run away from. As true as this may be, there comes a times for most of us when we find ourselves confronted by problems which we find we can neither run from nor faces What are we to do now? As a rule such a situation leads many into what are called “inner conflicts” which in turn may in time lead to some form of organic disorder, an organic disorder means there is a cellular disturbance going on in that organ. A cellular disturbance implies the fact that a chemical change is taking place in the cell structure that is not to the advantage of the organ as a whole. Such chemical changes as a rule takes place by what may be called molecular disintegration and molecular disintegration can take place only one way and that is by some force of an extraneous nature working upon that molecule and causing a rupture in the electro-magnetic field that hold the molecule together. This means the cell is suffering an energy leak. This extraneous force that I speak of as working on the molecular structure of the cellular body is called “mental” or psychic force. I do believe that we should now see quite clearly how the mind of one literally attacks its physical self via the nervous system, and very often destroys its physical machine in the face of all who try to stop it. Many doctors have found themselves quite puzzled as to why their medicines and drugs have failed so completely in healing certain patients while other patients having the same ailment seem to respond to them almost right away.

These well meaning medical people do not seem to be aware that that which shows itself as a physical ailment has its roots in the psyche and are sown there by both conscious and unconscious emotional attitudes to the experience called living, so they seek to destroy the ailment by the application of drugs to the ailment of appearance. This is like lopping off the tops of weeds and expecting them not to grow anymore.

Psychiatry and Psychology seem to deal with the so-called “Unconscious” of a person as though it was something he was born with, like a finger or a toe, and is therefore a product of the body. The truth is, a body is NOT born WITH an unconscious self but OUT of the Unconscious, which means that the body is an externalized expression of the unconscious. The word, “Unconscious” however, is largely meaningless for we live in an ALL conscious universe. Were this not so no “Thing” could have any contact with any other thing and if there was such a word as prayer it would be without value. As it is, prayer is a “Tuning” in of the physical self to its mental self or source of “Things”. Unfortunately, most of us are taught to believe we are separated from the Source of our own being at all times other than when we are in the act of making some kind of conscious supplement to it.

The fact is every created thing is in constant contact with It because all shapes and forms are but extensions of It. When I make a conscious appeal to my “Higher” self or course of my physical form to heal the physical form of another, I put sincere emotional feeling into the plea as I direct my thoughts toward that one.

This consciously and intelligently directed emotional energy on being discharged from me causes a motion in what is called the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is the matrix of all forms and shapes of what is called “Things”. Said “Motion” acts as a positive image or idea in this Universal Mind. This positive thought not only brings about a change for the better in the individual you have aimed your prayer at but its effects are felt in varying degrees in all the created world — that is why it is said, “That which we do shall come back to us -a thousand fold” and “That which we think shall be thought of us.”

This cannot be construed as a “Be good” philosophy whereby you will get “pie in the sky when you die.” It is a scientific fact built on the law of cause and .effects The Universal Mind cares not one whit what one does or does not do — The Universal Mind knows nothing about moral laws; as such these, too, are creations of the ego-physical man to protect himself from his own prime evil nature, which is highly emotional and negative, not negative in itself, for nothing is negative or positive in itself, but is so by the nature of its point of origin.

This means that good and evil or positive and negative are never any stronger than their source of birth. Proof of the latter statement is amply demonstrated by the failures, as well as the successes of Rev. Franklin Loehr’s group in their experimental work with prayer.

Many individuals say they believe this or that, yet they can neither get nor demonstrate required results from their asserted belief — Why? Simply because it is only their body consciousness that is speaking through their lips. Their sense of belief is not incorporated in what is called the “Unconscious” self, meaning the unconscious does not believe it, therefore it cannot help the body consciousness -to demonstrate what it says it believes.

However, the reverse is also true — meaning there are many people whose unconscious knows the truth concerning certain things which their body-consciousness knows nothing of. However, whether one knows a thing consciously or unconsciously, there is a law called the law of Boredom which operates in everything we attempt to do, Its action brings about a state of fatigue in us which is recognized by an ever increasing loss of interest is such things, and because I can see the shadows of said boredom beginning to show in the eyes of the reader I will say –Thirty.


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