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Last night, Sept. 29th, we held the world premiere screening of our new documentary ‘The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience’ We had a great turn out and the night was awesome! We want to thank everyone for coming out to see the film and support our work, it is much appreciated.

Now is the time for the release to the rest of the world! Below is a link to YouTube where you can watch the doc. We ask that those who resonate with the message please share the documentary as much as possible to get the message out there. If you know of websites who would be willing to share with an article, or radio stations, please contact them and let them know. We are open and willing to participate in talks, interviews, and other means to help get the word out there. Feel free to contact us at contact@collective-evolution.com if you have any suggestions.

Regarding subtitles, the documentary can be viewed on YouTube with French or Spanish subtitles. Simply slick the CC button on the player to activate subtitles. You can then hover your mouse over the CC button to bring up a menu to choose which language. Note that for Spanish we had to name them ‘English’ due to an error YouTube was giving us when choosing Spanish.

DVD copies of the film are being put together and will be available shortly. We will notify everybody when it is complete.

The time to put this doc together was a wonderful journey we all had and experience our own challenges and growth in. We are very excited and pleased to be putting out what we feel is a great message from our hearts and souls. We hope this message reaches many and is enjoyed by many.


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