One Day in the Life of a Men’s Monastery   Leave a comment

This is a great way to relax and center yourself after a stressful day in civilization.
With a goal in mind to show the life of a monastery, young filmmakers
from Russia living in the famous Abkhazian New Athos Monastery and
discovered a world strikingly different from the one outside its
walls. The quiet ascetic life of its inhabitants is filled with work
and prayers. They barely communicate with each other, spending days in
silence, quietly doing their work. The monks show no doubt or regret;
it seems that they possess the knowledge of a great mystery, without
which such strong discipline and devotion simply could not be
exercised. The filmmakers captured the flow of monastery life with
great delicacy, trying to seize the feeling of this mystery, which is
almost palpable in the New Athos Monastery.
((The film is made with the blessing of the Chairman of the Council of
the Holy Metropolitanate of Abkhazia Dorofei (Dbar) and the Father
Superior of the Monastery of St. Simon the Zealot Hieromonk Andrei))


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