Taj Mahal: Secrets and Mysteries   1 comment

Taj Mahal: Secrets and Mysteries is a marvelous compilation of the historical importance of this beautiful white tomb along with the secrets behind its construction. As considered by the majority, or Mumtaz Mahal. However the story is not that simple. This documentary unearths the hidden secrets of Taj Mahal and the historical mystery related to this beautiful monument.

Completed in 1643, this eye-speculating white princely building was designated as UNESCO’s world heritage site in 1983. Since it had been one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this heritage site is caught of stone cancer and is losing its importance. But still more than 3 million people visit it every year. Considered to be a symbol of love, peace and humanity, Taj Mahal is also presented in the form of crystal decoration pieces, pictures and emails from the loved ones. The documentary tells that this enormous building of Taj Mahal consumed bloody efforts of about 20,000 workers.


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