USA Arms Syrian Rebels, Russia Arms Syrian Government   1 comment

Image The United States has made a decision to supply arms to Syrian insurgents. Expert of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis, Sergey Demidenko, said in an interview with Pravda.Ru that the USA had not specified what kind of weapons exactly will be shipped to Syrian rebels. “The wording is quite soft – it goes about the supplies of certain types of weapons to the Syrian rebels, but they do not say that exactly is going to be shipped. One should not make a sensation out of it, because nothing has happened yet. America continues to confidently stick to its point of view. “Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia and Qatar put pressure on the U.S. administration in all possible ways. So America is forced to give up at some points. The Senate and the Congress act as conductors of all these initiatives, where the Saudis take serious positions. They put pressure on the U.S. administration through these bodies. “So in America, there are two points of view fighting. One is of the Senate that believes that one should arm the opposition. ​​Saudi Arabia pedals this idea. And the second one is the point of view of the Obama administration that does not want to take this step, but is forced to give in to the pressure from the Senate, Congress, etc,” the specialist said. U.S. President Barack Obama ordered to provide Syrian rebels with American weapons, Reuters said with reference to an unnamed source in the administration. Military sources told The Wall Street Journal that a limited no-fly zone was going to be created above Syria, along the border with Jordan – a key U.S. ally in the region. There is a continuous flow of refugees into this country. In addition, American instructors train Syrian rebels in Jordan. An official confirmation of the details of the USA’s “war plan” in Syria has not arrived yet. Obama will consult the Congress and the leaders of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland on June 17-18. However, the recent statement from the White House saying that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons and thus “went beyond the limits”, leaves no doubt about the seriousness of Washington.


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